An illustrated A to Z of gambling

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You can walk the walk but can't talk the talk? All the highs and lows, all the do's and don'ts have their particular word that any insider must know to get around. Re-learn your ABCs – betting-style – with Betminded's master class.

A brief history of betting-jargon

Since 1494, (or perhaps even sooner than that), the gambling industry has come up with plentiful of idioms and sayings. It has developed its own jargon, a particular language which sometimes can be understood only by the insiders.

Sports betting, casino and poker tend to stick to a specific way of talking, by creating a style not very easy to adopt. They use a glossary elaborated (and constantly improved) for the best of the best and, in order to get in line, you ought to expand your betting background, strengthen your skills, pick up the know-how. Fast.

The first step to do this is to study the basics of gambling: expressions, words, techniques. And let us be honest: sometimes, mastering all of these is no picnic, and rolling the dice is not an option. Not at all.

Why you need the illustrated A to Z of gambling

It is one thing to learn how to play the game, its tips and tricks, the whole lot of it, and quite another to blend in as smoothly as possible without permitting your opponents feel that you might as well be a novice of some sorts.

The secret is to find the catch, get in the moment, act natural and talk this gambling language as if it were your mother tongue. Learn how to know the drill, that is. This BetMinded master class is the ace up your sleeve that you've been waiting for and, by golly, don't gamble this chance away now.

Terms like “strip poker”, “flop”, “heads-up” must be part of your dictionary, even more if you are an expert punter. If, on the other hand, you are an amateur, then this short encyclopedia is exactly what you need right before taking a seat at the big table.

All punters welcome

Nonetheless, this illustrated A to Z of gambling is available and suitable for each one of you: rookies and old pros altogether. In a nutshell, you will get to be a connoisseur by simply going through the BetMinded glossary you can see above, and repeat it until you sponge it up.

Read our betting alphabet, pay attention to unconventional betting tricks revealed in popular TV series, and we guarantee that you will give some players the heebie-jeebies. It's a sure bet this one.

An illustrated A to Z of gambling
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