The 10 worst poker players

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Confused man in barrel photoPoker is typically a high stakes high rewards games. For the average punter losing $50 is heart breaking and 1k+ is unthinkable.

By contrast, the pro's are capable of losing thousands in a single night. As with any risky venture, even the world's top players can lose colossal amounts of cash. At professional level, poker players, wager small fortunes and sometimes they come home with empty pockets and a heavy conscience. This list features the world's very best players when they were hard on their luck.

We are impatient for the 2015 list of the biggest losers to be published, however, since the year is not up yet, here are worst performances of 2012 and 2013.

1. Gus Hansen: -$8.4 million, 2013

Gus Hansen suit photoGus Hansen, has certainly accumulated many successes over the years. He is after all a world renown professional gambler and the first brand ambassador of Full Tilt Poker. Despite his impressive reputation within the industry, Mr Hansen has incurred some resounding defeats last year resulting in total losses of over $8 million dollars. 

True to form, even amongst the worst losses, the Danish poker player remains at the top of the list. As it stands, Hansen is also set to be the biggest loser of 2014, but the odds still have time to change.

2.  MalACEsia: -$3.7 million, 2013

Blue outlineMiles behind but still in second place is fellow Full Tilt Poker Player MalACEsia. Whilst Hansen has flaunted titles and fame, the mysterious user who goes by the name MalACEsia is an anonymous player who has demonstrated that he has alot to lose.

3. Zypherin- $3.5 million, 2012

Blue OutlineFollowing  MalACEsia, Zypherin is another anonymous player. This secretive pro plays on on Poker Stars. There are speculations that he is a Canadian citizen and that he may even be poker genius Gus Laliberte operating under a false name. In any case, 2012 was not a fruitful year for this user.

4. Samrostan- $3.4 million, 2013

Blue outlineThis anonymous poker player was on the brink of success before he made a series of disastrous miscalculations in December alone. A place in the podium was in sight as the he had had a spectacularly good year, but sadly, December hit him hard.

5. Viktor  Isildur1 Blom – $2.6 million, 2012

Viktor Blom hoodie photoAlthough the Swedish Pro Victor Blom won his first live tournament in January 2012 at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure (taking the $100,000 Super High Roller event for $1,254,400), his success was short lived. His  win was tarnished by a subsequent loss of 2.6 million putting a dampener on the Poker Star player's overall performance that year.

6. Phil Polarizing Ivey- $2.4 million, 2013

Phil Ivey black and white photoAlthough Ivey only comes in 6th on the loser's scale, this was a powerful symbolic loss which ended an otherwise immaculate trajectory. Critics were especially surprised by this player's defeat as Mr Ivey is known as the legendary poker player who has accumulated total winnings of over $20 Million.

Relatively speaking, this was only a small blip in an otherwise spectacular career.

7. Patpatman – $1.7 million, 2012

Blue outlineNext to the staggering losses of the likes of Hansen, 1.7 Million seems to be a comparatively reasonable loss. In the world in professional poker, its easier to lose all sense of reality; even in 7th position this anonymous poker star player lost the price of a sizable house in a large metropolis. However, the top of the list demonstrates that things could have been much worst.

8. Mikael Punt peddling Thuritz – $1.7 million, 2013

Ben Sulsky black and white photoAlthough 2014 has been a very good year for Thuritz as he took home almost $1M over 2 weeks in August alone, 2013 was less of a success. Nevertheless at 1.7 million he only just makes the top 10.

9. Ben “Sauce1234” Sulsky: – $1.4 million, 2013

Ben Sulsky PhotoSauce is a very strong US player known for this critical mind in the game; his strategy videos on have established him as an industry expert. However, he may have been crowned the biggest winner in 2012 with funds amounting to around $4M, but his luck ran out the subsequent year. Life is precarious at the top.

10. PepperoniF (Rui Cao): -$1.37 million 2012

Black and white photoLast but not least in 10th place is Poker's stars Rui Cao who goes by the username PepperoniF. This Canadian player initially gained his fame on Full Tilt Poker before transferring to Poker star later on in his career. He just about makes the cut to feature amongst these epic poker losers, making his the best of the worst losses.

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The 10 worst poker players
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