8 Pub Bets to Impress your Mates…and Get a Free Pint

8 pub bets to impress your mates…and get a free pint

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Who says you need to use cards or poker chips to experience the thrill of placing and winning a bet?

Here at Betminded we have found some perfectly cool bar bets that you cannot lose.

If you’re looking to save a couple of bucks the next time you hit up the local pub challenge your friends to the easy bar bets below for money, for a free pint or just for fun.

Here are 8 easy bar bets you simply cannot lose!

Betting on the height of your drink

Bar The next time your in a pub why not bet someone that their drink is more round than it is high, meaning that the lenght of the circumference of the glass is more then the lenght of the glass from top to bottom.

We recommend using a straw as a ruler in order to measure the drink (Plus it is something you will come across easily in a pub).

Most often then not the drink is more round than it is high especially if the drink is in an ‘beer belly pot'.

So make your bet and have an easy win!

Bet someone that you can read their mind

maths equationsGet your volunteer to pick any number and multiply it by 9.

Then get them to tell you all the digits in the number except the last one.

All you need to do to work out the last digit is add up the ones they read out, and subtract that from 9.

For example: Let pretend the volunteer picks 27 then they  then multiply that by 9 which is 27 X 9= 234

Then they start telling you all the digits in the number so  “2, 4…” so if you want to find the last digit it is: 2 + 4= 6 9-6= 3 which was the final number they did not tell you earlier.

Magic Match Sticks

Wine glass betFor this easy bet, all you need is two wine glasses and two match sticks.

Place the two match sticks on each side of the wine glass. Bet your friend you can get the match sticks in the wine glass without touching the sticks.

Then all you need to do is wet your fingers and rub the rim of another wine glass, the matches will automatically fall into the wine glass.


Just an ice cube with a string

Ice cube Challenge your friends that you can remove a ice cube from a glass of water by just using a piece of string.

This is such an easy and potentially profitable bet.  All you have to do is place the string on the ice cube and pour a little salt on in.

The magic happens after 1 minute when the ice cube becomes glued to the string.

Then just lift the ice cube out and watch the amused expressions of your mates.

The Three Pile Trick

Three Pile TrickFor this trick you get to play the part of the magician.

Furthermore, it is important to note that this trick is played with 27 cards

The magician boasts that he/she can find any card chosen randomly by their volunteer. How do you do it? follow the instructions below!

1. Get your volunteer to pick a card from a deck of  27 cards,  tell them to remember it and place it back in the deck

2. Deals the cards out face up in three piles. Important: deal one card at a time 

3. Get your volunteer to say which pile their card is in, but not what the card itself is

4. Pick the piles up, putting the pile with their card in the middle of the pack

5. Repeat steps 2, 3 and 4 twice

Your volunteer’s card is now exactly in the middle of the 27-card pack, so the fourteenth card from the top.

Then all you need to do is reveal the fourteenth card and win your bet!

Place a pin through a balloon without it bursting

Balloon trickThis trick is one of the easiest and one most likely people will take you up on.

All you need to do is bet your friend that you can stick a pin in a balloon without making it pop.

Bet in place? simply take the pin and place it in balloon.

 BUT, place it just close to wear the balloon is tied. The rubber is thicker here and so wont burst!

Drinking Bet

Drink spilling Tell your friends you are going to place their drink on the table but they are not going to be able to drink it.

All you have to do it place a thin piece of cardboard (like a beer mat) over the top of the drink and carefully turn it upside, place it on the table and carefully take the cardboard away.

They wont be able to get to their drink and when they do life the glass their drink will go everywhere.

Perfect for betting and amusement.

The four matchsticks bet

This bet is one of the easiest ways to win a bar bet. Not only it is entertaining, your friends will be so frustrated they did not think of the solution.

Place four matches on a table just like the image below:

Next, ask your friends to make a square by just moving one match.

Watch your friends try all the possible options and finally when they give up simply move the left match so that the corners of the left match touch the corners of the top and bottom match, like the image below to make the small square and win. match stick winning possibility

 And there you have it – 8 easy bar bets that you cannot lose!

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8 pub bets to impress your mates…and get a free pint
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