The Top 10 most Ridiculous Hats at the Ascots Races

The top 10 most ridiculous hats at the Ascots Races

The British Royal Ascot Racecourse has a very strict etiquette policy that requires women to wear a head-piece of at least 10 cm diameter base. A requirement that hasn't prevented head-wear experimentation and breakthroughs.

Here is a sneak peek of the top 10 hat innovations to have come out of the Royal Ascots.



If you think horses have it tough with a jockey on their backs, try walking proudly with a heavy cage stuck on your head.

This fancy jail cost £3000, and was worn by Anneka Tanaka-Svenska.

 2. HI TECH LOVER (2011)

We all curse a great deal when electricity shuts off for more than 4 seconds, but obsessions should have a limit. Technologically speaking.

Although, we must admit that gluing an iPad to a hat makes it quicker for you to reach it and post photos with the most ridiculous Ascot hats on your Facebook page or even placing a bet on Paddy Power.


The Ascots is a non smoking event.

In case you needed a reminder of that, this lady offers a clear signal to all smokers at the track.


5 153 rashers of bacon are enough to connect Brighton Pier to dry land. No more than 1 091 mushrooms are needed for Nelson to reach up Trafalgar Square. The Edinburgh Castle' O'Clock gun can be filled with 727 tomatoes.

The Ascots and English Breakfast are two staples of British cultural identity, placed side by side for a winning combo.


It's astonishing what a strong adhesive can do to some innocent doilies found in any grandmother's house.

A real masterpiece, if you are into unexplained art works.


Neither Prometheus, nor any of the Olympic Games fans will be happy to see the Torch paraded like this. Unless it gets ignited 7 months before the Royal Ascot event, same as the original one does before the opening ceremony.

Well, rules are made to be obeyed, after all.


By the look of things, this lady took symbols way too seriously. Attaching horses to a hat and necklace at a Royal Ascot event suggests she's either a really big fan.

Or just bored.

 8. YOU'VE GOT MAIL (2013)

Ridiculous, but ingenious. Promoting pregnancy through the royal post sounds like an innovative British campaign, except it isn't.

It's just a hat, merely.


Official records show that, more than 51 549 bottles of champagne, 44 524 glasses of Pimm's and 173 776 pints of beer were consumed at Royal Ascot 2012.

There is no mentioning of the fresh fruity juice inventory. So, two years later, this lady got very upset.

 10. THE WALKING HEAD (2013)

When attending Europe's most popular event, you have to find a way to steal the thunder. Be a maverick of some sorts. OK, just don't take this guest's example.

By wearing a metal cut-work, she is literally stealing the thunder.

The next racecourse starts on the 16th of June, therefore hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Ladies won't be keeping the surprise under their hats, that's for sure.

Want more information about the Royal Ascots races? Check out our dedicated page by clicking this link.

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The top 10 most ridiculous hats at the Ascots Races
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