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Betting Online from France

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Betting online from FranceIn France many gamblers are frustrated by the fact that they cannot access their online gambling or poker accounts.
Despite the French laws against using unlicensed online bookmakers and poker rooms, and any kind of online casino. But players have found ways to get around this by hiding their IP address, using a foreign postal address and using 3rd parties to deposit their money.

Betminded has investigated some time to provide you with more information on that topic.

if you want to know how you can bet from abroad, please read this article.

Top 10 Online UK Bookmakers

Here is a list of the most popular UK bookies in 2014 (these are all unlicensed in France and French residents not permitted to register an account with them):

Foreigners in France

The UK has an advanced and plentiful online gambling sector compared to most other European countries, and one only realises how much we take this for granted after a move abroad, especially in France where the laws are strict against unlicensed operators.

Some bettors who are abroad for a short time (often when on holiday) and are still UK residents have told us that they use their betting or poker accounts by changing IP address, giving them access to the site as if they were in the UK.

Those who live in France have no choice but to use a French-licensed operator and take advantage of the best bonuses in France.

Gambling in France

When it comes to betting or online poker in France, legally it can only be done from one of the few licensed online bookies, and visiting a virtual casino is completely prohibited.

How do people beat the system to access their UK accounts or open an account with a bookmaker not licensed in France?

What happens when players try to bet on an unlicensed site in France?

This varies depending on the operator, and could be one of the following:

Visiting operators such as Betclick from France, which have a license in both countries, leads visitors to the .fr site where players tend to find lower bonuses, lower odds and fewer markets.

Most UK bookies will allow players to register and they won’t acknowledge their location during the process, as long as they have a UK address to use. Most operators take measures to identify a customer’s location after they register.

How do operators verify players’ locations?

When gamblers sign up with a bookmaker not licensed in France 2013 the bookie will use any combination of the following 3 pieces of information to identify the new player’s location:

The operator then usually sends an email asking the new member to prove that they are in the UK rather than in France; some operators immediately suspend the account while others allow a grace period of a week or 2 during which the new member must send them proof of address and/or a reason why they are using a French IP address.

How do players disguise their location?

Some players have got around these checks by, firstly, changing their IP address, as this is to someone’s PC what a postal address is to someone’s home. Changing this masks the PC’s location in the world, or gives it a new location. People have also found ways to get a UK postal address to use, and use secure payment methods when depositing and withdrawing funds rather than giving the details of their foreign account details.

Top 10 Online UK Poker Rooms

These are the poker rooms with the most UK customers- of these the French-licensed equivalents with English language versions are in bold:

If you live in France you are not permitted access these sites- go to our article on the best offers in France to find out what you can benefit from the French licensed operators.

Top 10 Online UK Casinos

Here are 10 of the most popular casinos for players in the UK; online casinos are illegal in France and if you are a French resident you will be unable to register an account:

This article is not aimed at those looking to open a gambling account illegally; its aim is to provide information only. Betminded does not take responsibility for anyone who uses these articles to open a gambling account illegally.

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